Product Development

  • Ingredient research
  • Sourcing and advisement
  • Recipe formulation
  • Package design and NIP (Nutrition information panel)
  • NZFSA labelling requirements
  • Batch numbering and BB dates applied to labels or printed packaging

Contract Packing

  • Fully food grade HACCP accredited premises for:-
  • Packaging ranges from 5g sachets up to 4kg resealable bags or stand-up pouches.
  • Substrates include film, metallised film, foil, paper (including compostable) using vacuum packing, hang-sell, stand-up pouches or pillow packs, resealable (press-to-close or zipper).
  • The bulk department packs from cartons, sacks or 1-ton bulk bags.
  • Materials including powders, granules, free-flowing or sticky.

Sales and Distribution

  • Product manufacture and/or storage
  • Order picking, processing, dispatch and logistics.
  • Professional sales team for regular calling and service.
  • Sales Brokering
  • Purchase Brokering incl. negotiated pack sizes and pre-shipment quality inspection. Warehouse personnel pick factory orders and also refill the pick faces throughout the day for distribution to a range of key account and commercial customers whether domestic or international.